Our Customer Needs

Based on the Radiant Sage team's 20+ years of experience in the clinical trials industry, we can summarize the challenges faced by our customers into five major areas:

  • Lack of control and transparency – cannot interact in real time and make decisions in a timely fashion
  • Inflexible – CROs & core labs dictate what they can and cannot do
  • Expensive – high fixed set-up and manpower costs, especially costly for smaller trials
  • Inefficient – manpower rather than technology / process driven, no standards, multiple systems, retraining required
  • Not comprehensive – reverse engineered tech solutions
  • Error prone – QA/ QC later in the process

These ongoing challenges have been frequently reiterated by participants involved in imaging-based clinical trials. Their needs can be summed up by the following statements we have heard time and again:

    "I need to have control and/ or conduct imaging trials in-house"
    "I need the ability to integrate imaging into the overall trial data and from multiple vendor platforms"
    "I need to be able to archive multi-trial data in-house for collaboration and rapid retrieval"
    "I need access to real-time data to make relevant decisions early in the process"