Our SaaS delivery model is primarily designed to suit the needs of customers who wish to have their trials up and running within weeks, without incurring capital costs and with the ability to retain control during the entire trial process. And most importantly not have to commit to multi-year contracts!

Core-Lab-in-a-Box™ is deployed in a secure hosting center and is made available to you over the internet or behind a firewall on a local area network. This is part of our strategic utility computing model where all of the technology is in the "cloud" accessed over the Internet as a service.

What's included?

  • Core-Lab-in-a-Box™software
  • Hardware/ hosting
  • Connectivity
  • System configuration/ setup
  • Basic training
  • Basic system integration/ deployment
  • 2nd tier support

The primary benefits:

  • Rapid deployment-up and running in a few weeks
  • Simple, low-cost implementation for multiple locations, no updates or upgrades to install
  • No software or hardware to purchase, install or maintain
  • Minimal training
  • Minimal QA/ QC effort
  • No software support fees
  • Comprehensive security
  • All-inclusive predictable pricing


Radiant Sage's SaaS delivery model provides you with a license to use Core-Lab-in-a-Box™ for a fixed monthly fee for a certain period of time. The fixed monthly fee will be based on the duration of the trial, number of reads and the data to be acquired and stored. The all inclusive pricing will also include the initial effort required for system set-up and deployment.

For specific pricing, please click the ORANGE colored 'Request for Info' button on the left side of this page at anytime.