Enterprise License

Radiant Sage's Enterprise License delivery model will be ideally suited for running several trials, gain benefits from cross trial data or for data archival purposes. The model allows you to host internally or on an external private cloud.

Primary Benefits

  • Federated repository for all imaging clinical image5-1_1_0.png Trials and internal projects
  • Tools for automated analysis
  • Documents and workflows
  • Integrates with Core-Lab-in-a-Box™ tools and instances
  • Provides support for corporate IT mandates
  • API and interfaces (REST based)

The sophisticated archival system provides various benefits of having easy access to required cross trial data including the development of biomarkers.


Radiant Sage's Enterprise License delivery model provides you with a license to run multiple Core-Lab-in-a-Box™ instances for a fixed annual fee. The pricing will be based on the number of users and whether the hosting is done on an internal or external cloud.

Initial system set-up and deployment will be included in the first year license fee. In addition, there is a yearly maintenance fee which will provide the required support and system maintenance/ upgrades.

For specific pricing, please click the ORANGE colored 'Request for Info' button on the left side of this page at anytime.