Our Customers and Partners

In 2007, Radiant Sage had the privilege of winning a joint development contract for building a Clinical Image Management Platform from one of the Pfizer_0_0.pngtop three pharmacuetical companies in the world. This Platform, resulting from a two-year development effort, is the foundation, from which our two primary products Core-Lab-in-a-Box™ and RadVista™ Viewer have been developed and successfully launched.

We wish to acknowledge our joint development partner and first customer for having the belief and faith in us, without whom we would not have been able to achieve our dream of delivering these game changing solutions to our customers.

What do our customers say about our solutions?

"Study teams can enforce data standards at the time of data collection allowing them to better manage study quality and cost"

"Sample searches now take minutes rather than months, allowing project teams to design better experiments by performing “what if” analyses"

"Decreased time to interrogate the image data from four months to one day. Assembling image data from sites and core labs reduced from 21 days to five minutes"

"Having data housed in one repository is highly advantageous and reduces the regulatory risks associated with this data"

"It is not simply an extension to the standard hospital PACs, but a new type of image management system that allows investigators to use existing data for research purposes beyond those for which these data were originally collected"

Today, two of the world's top five Pharmaceutical companies and other smaller and successful research companies are our customers with numerous trials running on our platforms. Our product versions 1.0 and 2.0 have been in use since 2007 with many of the additional features and fine tuning done based on sponsor and user feedback. Core-Lab-in-a-Box™ and RadVista are mature products today with customers using them for more and more trials. The Enterprise Archival system has been in use for over a year and will be ready for full commercial launch in late 2011.

Our Partners

Radiant Sage has partnered with companies who share our vision whole heartedly and strengthen our offering in meeting customer requirements.